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Harpoon Gaming

Eoj Charlie, Owner

Usually referred to as Joe, he has been admin'ing and moderating communities since 2004. He was heavily active in games like Cybernations, Runescape and other MMORPG/Online games. Has since left most to focus solely on the Steam Community.

He also finds the fact that he's writing in the third person right now a little strange. He wants to thank all the staff and regulars for helping create something that he is both proud to be part of and still in awe of.

Please don't beg for free items from him(me). Also don't be offended if I am shit at answering your messages, I am always trying to do multiple things and sometimes Steam Messages slip through, feel free to add me, as long as you're not an ass.

Skipper, Co-Owner

Now this is a bio all about how
My admining got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
And read how I became the head admin here

In East Arizona born and raised
On the computer is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out tradin' jokin' all cool
And all adminin' being a fool
When a specific guy was up to no good
Started makin' sentences who no one understood
We got in one little fight and I didn't care
And so I left to a place that couldn't compare.

I begged and pleaded with Joe day after day
But he ignored and sent me on my way
I gave him suggestions for a community that would be fit
He got some balls and said I might as well quit
First week yo this is awesome
Creatin' a server thinkin what it might become
Is this what we should have done a long time ago?
Hmmm this might really grow

But I start searchin, coding and all that
Is this the type of place that I should code at?
I think so I'll start learning somewhere
I hope they're prepared for crashes everywhere

Well the coding improved and plugins came out
There was a plugin that made my name stand out
I ain't tryin' to brag yet I just got here
I imagined what my coding would be like in a year.

I kept at it and coding became clear
The server became popular and I made plugins appear!
If anything I could say that this community was rare
But I thought lets make it special, No one could compare!

Time flashes to 1 year later.
I see the servers always full of players
Looking at this place over the year,
I'm glad my home is right here.

Bottswana, Co-Owner

Screw it, I can't write in third person.
Hi all, Im Bottswana, or Botts for short. Since so many ask, the name came from a nickname I had back at school all those years ago and due to my lack of creative talent I ended up using it as my Steam handle.

I've been helping manage TF2 communities for nearly 6 years now, mostly keeping the now long running and event server going. It's seen quite a few name changes in its past and is slowly leaving us as the community a whole changes, but that dosen't mean my job here is done.

I help manage Harpoon, Maintain servers, and code stuff (The donator system is mine <3). Been coding since I was 18 and can code in PHP, C++, Java, Python, SourcePawn, Lua and a few others not worth mentioning. I don't really trade items so I wouldn't add me to ask if I want to sell stuff, It's not really my thing.

I may seem like a Jackass at some times, though generally this is me and Joe being stupid. I'm pretty easy going (If your name isn't Joe) so if you have any questions feel free to ask me.
-J   PS: What the hell is a Liger?

Nimajin, Chief of Staff

Hey everyone,
I'm Nimajin or if you want, you can call me Amin. I'm a teenager who lives in Denmark. I currently go to High school and work a part time job at what would essentially be the Danish equivalent to Walmart. I enjoy listening to Rap & Hip-hip, some of my favorite artists are: SchoolBoy Q, Kendrick Lamar, & Eminem. I don't watch many shows; however, I did enjoy watching The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad.

I've been a huge fan of video games from an early age. Starting out with games such as Tekken on the PlayStation alongside with Rayman and Pokemon on the Gameboy. Since then I moved over to PC, where I would primarily play RuneScape (10+ YO account). Counter-Strike: Source would then go on to become my primary game followed by Team Fortress 2 when it went Free-to-Play. These days I mostly play Team Fortress 2 and PAYDAY 2.

I would like to consider myself a positive, openminded, and friendly person. If you have any issues or would just like to talk, feel free to send me a friend request!

The Slow Scout, Head Forums Administrator

Um... I don't even know where to start with you. I mean, do you even know who you're talkin' to? D-Do you have any idea, any idea who I am? Basically - kind of a big deal. Meet The Slow Scout. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Slow has always been addicted to playing video games but always thought PC gaming was lame until one day, one special day, he heard a couple of his friends talk about "Team Fortress 2" and so he decided to check it out one day when he returned home. That one day ruined the rest of his life. He goes on Team Fortress every single day, being his favorite game of all time. He loves playing it very much. Slow is currently a high school student, he has always wanted to become a police officer when he grows up. Ohhh boy!

Enough with the third person now. I've been with Harpoon Gaming for quite some time now. I am happy that I have found this community, I made many friends here, many enemies here, enjoyed the different maps, loved the staff, hated the bans (lol), donated and so on. Many awesome memories with certain people haha, growing up with Harpoon.

Thank you to all people, regulars, donators, staff, and all of you for making Harpoon into something huge and awesome. I am proud to be part of the staff team, working and helping out a community that I have been part of for a long period of time is amazing. Many amazing people that I have met. I just wanted to trade a strange item away when I visited the server, not look for a community to stay with. Oh man. I love you all.

Sparky, All-Trade Server Manager

Sparky is the resident furry on Harpoon Gaming.

He also happens to be staff here on Harpoon Gaming. He also has much administrative experience within TF2. Being a former admin for big names such as MCT (Mann Co. Trading) and KritzKast, he knows the ins and outs of TF2 trading. He also has been on Steam since 2007. Sparky mains Heavy and also has competitive experience in UGC League. If you have any questions in regards to TF2, feel free to add him.

TsundereBaka, TTT Server Manager

TsundereBaka, or also known as, Tundra Baker and The Hermaphrodite, has been gaming for a long time, his first console was the Gamecube, all he remembers is that is where he scarred himself in Animal Crossing thanks to the bees coming out of nowhere from the trees (he was 4) and getting destroyed by Venom in a spiderman game. His first experience with anime was A Certain Magical Index, which is an anime he still loves even to this day, and he even considers it as one of his favorites. You'll normally find him playing on Harpoon's TTT and TF2 servers, or playing on his PS Vita. He likes to talk to the regulars even if he doesn't talk too much in server, he enjoys to talk to and listen to the regulars of Harpoon.

That's the end of my little biography, I hope you enjoy the servers, and Harpoon as a whole!

Taser, Deputy TTT Server Manager

Hi, my name is Taser.

A long term video game player, I enjoy games such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and many others, including of course, TF2.

As a TTT admin, I obviously enjoy playing TTT, and if you need any urgent help on the server, just come and find me and I will sort it out..

darkosshear, Head of Reputation Threads

Darkosshear (Darko-os-shear) has been playing tf2 since the ripe age of 11 (2010). I am an avid PayPal trader which has lead to me being tasked with creating the HG Rep threads.

Now lets get personal. I am 7' tall, yes I know. No, I don't play basketball or any other sports. Yes, I am actually 7' tall. Please DO NOT ask me how the weather is up here because that will make me dislike you. I am a 17 year old guy from Georgia and despite the stereotypes I do not have intercourse with my immediate family members. Film is where it is at for me. I am currently working as an independent videographer/editor and hope to continue this as a profession.

Thats me in a nutshell!

Shadows, All-Trade & Unusual

Shadows is currently the head admin of TF2WH.com (TF2 Warehouse), an active member of the Harpoon Gaming staff, and was formerly a long time admin and mapper for MCT (Mann Co Trading). The latter two positions carried Steam Rep Green Shields. If you ever need to confirm his identity, going to SR to confirm that shield and the head admin WH note is a good way to do it. Shadows also owns one of the top 3 backpacks in TF2 (the position moves sometimes), so it is easy to confirm his identity through that.

Having started trading in 2011 and after logging over 12,500 hours in TF2, Shadows has seen a little bit of everything and is glad to share those experiences with those of you who come to the All-trade servers. That said, please don't ask him for free items or offer terrible deals, he didn't get here by being a bad trader and won't support that kind of thing. Keep your trading safe and fun and your chat friendly and uninsulting, and you'll do just fine with him.

Thanks for reading and happy trading!

Michael J. Caboose, TTT

Hi, my name is Michael J. Caboose; most people call me Caboose, for short. I am a TTT staff member, and enjoy playing with people who respect others. I enjoy drawing, and puzzle games. If you have any questions, or would like to talk, message me on steam. Other than that, enjoy your stay at Harpoon Gaming.

Musical, All-Trade

Hey! You've scrolled down to my bio, so get ready for some interesting facts. :D

My username’s Musical and I love playing games like TF2, Garry’s Mod, and Portal 2. I have been on Steam since 2013, a member at HG since July 17, 2014, and a staff member since July 18, 2016.

Now for the personal stuff. My name is Jeriel or “Jerry” for short and I reside in sunny, sweaty Florida. I was born on August 10, 2001 in New Mexico, but I move a lot so now I’m in Florida! My hobbies include gaming, playing/listening to music (obviously), and being a nerd and geek at the same time. I am currently a High School student and also a stressed maniac piled with AP homework, but I still find time for Harpoon Gaming. <3

Thank you for reading my biography and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Canadian Tuurtle, All-Trade

I need a bio, bother me until I get one!

Nahgefae, All-Trade

Hi! My name is Nahgefae (Nah-ga-fay) and I'm glad to meet you, I'm a recreational gamer, meaning I play for the fun and enjoyment, and meeting new people of course. I'm always energetic and always open to talk to, and here's a few fun facts... I haven't really disclosed my REAL name with many people, I've never really stayed in one place so I've moved around a hell of alot, and always coped with the stress so I've become pretty resilliant to panic. I was born on the 18th of june in 1999 In Ireland! (Which happened to be in the middle on the month and the year) I've always done my best to help people throughout my life as I've always known what it's like to struggle, but I digress.

I've always been fond of helping others, and becasue of that I was inspired to be part of HG, and never looked back, it's also my escape from college and the ever lasting black hole of boredem, that and I just all out love the community.

My hobbies include gaming, talking, relaxing, cycling and quite a few other things like little odd bits n bobs, I am also currently in college and it's so-so, sometimes hard, sometimes too easy.

And that's just a bit about me! Thanks for reading!

Clorox, All-Trade

Hey I'm Clorox!

First off, yes my name is Clorox (the bleach). It came about long before I joined HG, when I was in a pub server and I named myself Clorox so that I could tell people to "Drink me" ;). But when I joined HG, it stuck because everyone knew me as "clorox" or "The Bleach Man". So I was stuck with it.

Now onto me! I'm an Iranian male who was born and raised in London. And NO I DO NOT LIKE TEA, so please don't ask me if I do! I like to play video games like Battlefield and CoD, but my favourite game has to be TF2. I started gaming at the young age of 6 when I whent to my uncles house and played "ratatouille the game" and I fell in love with gaming. When I was 12 my parents bought me an XBOX 360 as a reward for doing well on my SATs. I got CoD: Black ops 2 that same year and I truely was amazed. From that point I have been in love with gaming. Once I turned 13 I got my very first PC (I still have it today!) it wasn't a gaming PC but it ran TF2 very well. Ever since then PC gaming is something I loved to the point where I learned how to build a PC from just parts aswell as disassemble that PC too!

Anyways guys thats all you need to know about me, thats all for now folks!

*Exit Clorox*

aaron12034, All-Trade

I need a bio, bother me until I get one!

Boop, All-Trade

I'm in training!

Sugoni, All-Trade

I'm in training!

Just Navlis, All-Trade

I'm in training!

Reggie, All-Trade

I'm in training!

XanFire, All-Trade

I'm in training!

Popeyes, TTT

I'm in training!

Solid Slate, Adviser

Born and raised in the US of A, Slate, or Batman, is never afraid of showing you his true feelings. The only problem is that he has one emotion: anger. Don't let that put you off, however, because Slate is always willing to help. He has ran the TTT Server for a period of 6 months, and was promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff from that position. He is a former all trade staff from the "good old days", a.k.a 2012. Slate is an avid MTG and Hearthstone player, and wouldn't mind going toe to toe with others. He was brought into the community by his friendship with Joe. Feel free to add him if you have any problems with general problems in the Harpoon Community.

Perp703, Adviser

Perp is an avid gamer, and has played a great many over the years; but one he keeps coming back to is TF2. Perp has been playing TF2 for a few years now - MVM, Pubbing, and of course, Trading. Perp trades quite often, dealing with unusuals, collectors, killstreaks, stranges, almost anything you can think of, and knows his prices, and how the market behaves quite well. He loves to help new players in TF2, especially when it comes to trading.

He can’t think of anything else to put in his bio and hopes to see you all in server - have a great day.
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