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Looking For Helpful Tips For Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lecatzz, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Lecatzz

    Lecatzz Laundry Lecatzz

    Apr 11, 2015
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    I hope this is the right section to post this. I'm actually a bit nervous. And don't get this mixed up with Escal's thread at the top. This thread is for actual trading tips that I can use.

    Ok, so I myself am a pretty bad trader, and I know there are a lot of people out there, with a lot of experience with trading. I could really use some helpful trading tips on becoming a better trader, and making easier profit. The trading business for me is abnormally slow, and any tip really helps. These tips can not only be for me, but for others too. Thanks.
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  2. Perp703

    Perp703 Totally Active
    Staff Member Head Admin

    Feb 17, 2015
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    Best advice i can give to anyone - trade what you like to trade. Don't just buy things for profit - when you do this you get stuck with things you don't want and you grow frustrated with them and you're miserable trying to sell it. When you have items that you're not attached to but you like something about it you're going to use it more - making people see it more so it will garner a lot more interest. People are very visual especially when it comes to hats - they need to see what its like before they buy.

    (Markets im in - maybe try some of these)
    Unusuals - stick to effects you like / higher tier first gens - classes - sniper, soldier, medic, scout - the easiest to sell classes
    Collectors weapons - These are tougher but almost always sell for pure (wouldnt recommend if you dont like collectors)
    Stranges - these are probably the easiest things to flip - everyone wants stranges - again stick to the most popular classes and the popular weapons for them especially stocks like the scatter, RL, sniper, Minigun
    Botkillers - this market is lucrative but you really have to have a good sense of what sells and what doesnt this market is a bit finicky(scm helps)
    Australiums - quickbuying just like unusuals - simple enough
    Killstreaks- again scm is your best friend on this one but learn what the tiering is on sheens and streakers and what will sell - this requires a lot of trial and error and a ton of research to get into this one.

    (Markets many traders stick to)
    Hatbanking - tedious but effective
    Weapon Banking - not sure this is worth it anymore
    Genuines - scm is very helpful with these just like botkillers
    Painted items - can be tough to sell but stick to higher tier paints and dont pay for the paints themselves - many good deals pop up here
    Ellis Caps - Recrafting these is sometimes a big payout for not a big investment
    Games - Steam games can be another good market - stock up on sales and sell after a few months

    Theres many more i didnt mention but this should be a good start

    Stick to what you like and what you know ..
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  3. claysadz07

    claysadz07 Per aspera ad astra

    Jul 9, 2015
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    Nice tips, Perp.
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  4. Insubordinate Conjunction

    Insubordinate Conjunction Positively Active

    Jul 31, 2015
    +25 / 2
    What Perp said lol. I can add a few small things though from my personal experience.
    Use update hype to your advantage. For example, I remember when the Love and War Update was first released with the new weapons (Air Strike, Back Scatter, and holy shit did people love the B.A.S.E Jumper). I got a few of these in some drops and managed to sell them for a refined and reclaimed here and there. If you check backpack.tf now, they are worth just as much as any other Unique weapon.
    Make smart investments. Don't let yourself get caught up in update hype like so many others do.
    Always be alert for scammers. Do your research on people and know the different kinds of scams (this usually applies to the trading of higher valued items).
    Perp mentioned that you should trade items you like, not just to make profit. That is absolutely true, but in addition to that, trade for things you like that would be easy to resell, such as Taunts, paint cans, nice hats, nice miscs, Festives, and Botkillers (and Strange versions of stock weapons). Try to avoid cruddy Stranges like Kukri, KGB, etc and non - craftable cosmetics (you can check by hovering over it in the trade).
    Do your best to make your trade clear.
    Don't say things that make you appear desperate, like "Somebody please buy my stuff!"
    >>>List the items you are selling, on Outpost and backpack.tf!<<<
    BE PATIENT. Some items make take a while before you find someone to buy them and you will encounter a lot of idiots.
    BE POLITE!!! Unless someone pisses you off because they make you a shitty lowball offer or something.
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  5. Matonic

    Matonic Notably Active

    Jul 1, 2015
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    I agree with what everyone here said. I only have a few more things to add, from my personal experience, too!

    Always sell the new cases, crates, etc. when you first get them dropped. NOT worth to unbox. Those crates/cases will sell for way more. NEVER buy unique killstreaks, because of how hard they are to sell. If you're looking into the killstreak market, it requires a lot of research before hand.
    When you are making a trade offer, I find it easier to make mine a bind, so I don't have to crtl+v every time. (I have mine bound to 5)Also, try to make your trade offer look polite, and if you're advertising on mic then ask how everyone is doing. (if no one is advertising, of course) In my experience, this will make more people check your backpack, or whatever you are selling.
    Like Perp and Insubordinate said above, PATIENCE IS KEY. That is the ONE thing you HAVE to have in the trading market. You will encounter a lot of idiots, especially in the unusual market.

    I hope this helped, and happy trading everyone!
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