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Harpoon Bans

Harpoon Bans

I just got banned on one of your servers, may I get unbanned?

If you have been banned from one of our servers, you may appeal. Anyone has the right to appeal if you have received a ban, certain bans may be permanent and you may not be able to appeal on rare occasions.
  • Banned on our All-Trade servers? Appeal here
  • Banned on our Garry's Mod server? Appeal here
  • Banned on our Prophunt server? Appeal here
  • Banned on our Payload server? Appeal here

How do I find more information about my ban?

To find out why you got banned, you can head over to our SourceBans page. Over there, you can view bans including your own ban with the reason and time length included. If you have been banned from our TTT server, you have to contact the TTT staff directly or join back the server to see the reason.

I am banned on SteamRep or have been marked as caution, where can I appeal?

If you have been banned on SteamRep by Harpoon Gaming, you may appeal. Anyone has the right to appeal if you have received a ban or caution tag. If you would like to appeal your Harpoon Gaming banned or caution tag on SteamRep, you may file an appeal over here.
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  • About Harpoon

    Harpoon Gaming is a Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod community. We were founded on the idea that no matter who you are, you have a home here. Too often we see communities rife with bullies and trolls, and Harpoon was created because we think we can do better than that.
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  • Donate to Harpoon!

    Donator is 1 key per month and 16 keys for lifetime. You will have donator access on all of our servers, including our TTT server in Garry's Mod. If you wish to donate to Harpoon Gaming, contact a Full Admin or above. To learn more, head over to the donator page.

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