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Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS(遊戯王ヴラインス) discussion thread

Discussion in 'General / Off-Topic' started by Reggie, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Reggie

    Reggie "I was born to be king" Oma Zi-O
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    Dec 31, 2016
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    I really like Yu-Gi-Oh and the anime and I want to know your guy's opinions on VRAINS so far. So, let's discuss!
    For me personally, I have 3 reasons why I like this show

    hitotsu(一つ) The characters and their backstories. The characters in VRAINS are very interesting with deep backstories. An example of this is the main protagonist, Yusaku. He was one of the children in the lost incident where he suffered from duelling. This has changed him in the present by making him duel because he thinks duelling is a weapon and is not for entertainment. Possibly this can change in the future. There are also other examples too such as Go Onizuka lived in an orphanage and duels to make people smile, especially the kids, spectre was abandoned in a tree and practically lived there for the most of his life until he was a victim of the lost incident. This is different from Yusaku as he enjoyed that experience due to his loneliness and boredom he experienced for his own life. After the humans cut down his mother tree, he basically went apeshit. In my opinion, Aoi or Blue Angel is a bitch. What I mean by that is she sucks at duelling. But then again, when has a primary female protagonist ever been good at duelling. the only one I can think of is Aki. I like her backstory and the relationship with her brother and she is cute too, but a bitch at duelling. Another very interesting character is Revolver. He is very mysterious, serving as the main antagonist of the playmaker, almost mimicking him, the same speech patterns, same skill during speed duels, etc. We have yet to know who this man is but we will see as time goes on.

    Futatsu(二つ) The concept of the show is amazing in my opinion. The fact that now we duel in virtual reality is cool and reflects how most of us are usually on the internet. Also speed duels, they remind me a lot of Duel Links with its 3 monster and spell zone layout. Also, the switches between speed duels and master duels are coherent in m opinion, having important duels in a speed duel such as Playmaker vs Revolver, Playmaker vs Specter, Blue Angel vs Specter and now Go Onizuka vs Revolver in the coming up episode. Also, the link format is very interesting, has a summoning method similar to synchros and has powerful cards such as Borreload Dragon and Decode Talker

    Mitsu(みつ) The art of VRAINS is fabulous in my opinion. The music is incredible, my favourites being With the wind and Believe in Magic, the opening and the first ending theme of VRAINS. Also, the virtual reality world looks bland with all the grey, but it makes the purple date storm really stand out and make it look elegant. Not only that, the shit that the Knights of Hanoi are making look incredible, with the hellish arenas and the storms. Also, the monsters look fabulous, some of my favourites being Decode Talker, Twin Triangle Dragon and Topologic Bomber Dragon. Not only does the virtual world look amazing, but also the real world looks really cool and futuristic. From the school that Yusaku goes to the central area where the Duels are seen. Everything has detail, even stardust road, that one time where the hotdog truck was there for no reason, showing off the incredible sea.

    Well, those are my opinions of why VRAINS is good. For the downsides, I really don't appreciate the recap episodes. We had 4 recaps so far within 30-40 episodes. which is crazy. I feel like there aren't enough animators in the studio. I heard rumours that since arc-v didn't do so well, Konami cut the budget for the anime. In the end, it's all Konami's fault.

    (Also, pls no spoilers. Things that aren't spoilers are the things that we saw in the latest episode and before. I don't want to be spoiled and some other people don't want to either. Thanks.)
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