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Read Me Public Notice Regarding Peppermint

Discussion in 'Previous Announcements' started by Eoj Charlie, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Eoj Charlie

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    I want to make everyone aware of an ongoing issue with a former staff member.

    Peppermint, also known as Eptic, Pep, Hello, Jasper, and Grish, resigned from staff yesterday at 3:56 PM EDT. Unfortunately, this resignation was given in a non-conventional manner, and had worried numerous staff members given its emotional and vague language. We followed up with Pepperment, and addressed the resignation, and confirmed it was such. He had been on probation due to problems with other staff members, and his behavior. However, given the emotional coloring on his message, we were concerned for his stability and safety. He asked if he could come back to staff, which we informed him we would consider.

    At this point, it had been late for both myself and Nimajin. We both discussed the matter for a few minutes after the hours of conversation, and headed off to sleep. Unfortunately, given the chaotic nature of this situation, he had retained his listing on the staff page.

    The morning after he had left staff, he started to ask users if he could broker their unusuals. One user agreed, believing he was still staff. That user approached us about the concern, as Pep had not returned the unusual when asked, it was at that moment, we immediately launched an investigation into this matter.

    Our findings are as follows, Peppermint has taken an unusual from a user to broker it, not only did he not return it when asked, but has also sold that unusual using an alternate account. Due to this, we’ve placed a ban on Peppermint from all Harpoon Gaming servers, and marked him with a HG Ban on SteamRep.

    Unfortunately, our concern for Peppermint’s emotional health may have allowed him to more easily scam a user. Something we deeply apologize for. Moving forward, this will change our policies in regard to emotional concerns, resignations, and grace periods. We will be removing any grace periods from resigning staff members, and also, putting into place policies that result in public notice for any removed staff members. We’ve already reached out to the user who has been scammed, and if the hat is not returned, we will be repaying the value of the hat.

    Thank you very much,


    Owner, Harpoon Gaming
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