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Asking for all of your support :'(

Discussion in 'General / Off-Topic' started by ❅PaulTheIceBear❅, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. ❅PaulTheIceBear❅

    ❅PaulTheIceBear❅ Scarcely Active

    May 3, 2016
    +6 / 0 / -0
    Hey everybody that reads this, I know I'm "gone" in terms but this was/is one of my favorite Community's I've ever been in. There's one person I wish i could contact and talk to about this but I do not think it is possible, Anyway my brothers dog Bailey just pasted away today, she was 5 years old and a Beagle we had her whole life, her "brother" Snoopy who is also a beagle may not ever fully understand what happened but they were best friends and we hope he'll be okay .The reason she pasted was from Kidney stones building up in her stomach. She just had surgery for them 11/18/16 but there was complications and something from the surgery was making something leak inside of her which lead to her passing on 11/22/16. All I am asking for is your guys support in this, everything helps....
  2. Tsundere Baka

    Tsundere Baka "A Little sugar in my tank, and watch out!"

    Sep 18, 2014
    +38 / 2 / -2
    Sorry for your loss Paul, I know that animals can really mean a lot to somebody, and could really be the family mascot or centerpiece, and you really grow attached to them, sorry you had to lose one of your pets, even if Bailey was your brothers rather than yours, you loved Bailey a lot, enough so that you start to worry about Snoopy's feelings as well, but once again, sorry for your loss. Also sorry if I did more harm than good, not really that great with sappy stuff kinda like this.
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  3. Clorox

    Clorox Forum Annihilator
    Retired Staff

    Aug 29, 2016
    +64 / 9 / -0
    Sorry to hear that man, it will be ok! The brigth side is, your dog is in a better place. If it had complications then it was in pain. If that was me and i had surgery complications I would want it to stop, so just knew your dog is running around in "dog heaven" and isn't in any sort of pain :)

    ~ Clorox

    P.S steam message me if you need help with anything <3

    THE REAPER Kevin.

    Mar 10, 2014
    +120 / 8 / -5
    Sorry for your loss. I'm sure your dog is fine and okey in heaven probably watching over you and your family right now. If you ever feel like talking just add me and send me a steam message.
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