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Official Guide An advanced guide to Harpoon TTT

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Solid Slate, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Solid Slate

    Solid Slate Ich bin Schl├Ągermann
    Retired Staff

    Nov 6, 2013
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    In this guide, I will explain what each terrorist's objective is, and what special tools they have at their service. This guide will be updated on the occasion that new shop items show up, someone corrects a mistake, etc. The Shop items are in no particular order, so just match up the names to the descriptions below.

    Innocents: Kill as few innos as possible, and kill with proof. Try to take out as many t's as possible. Innocents do not have a shop, so their tools are limited to what they pick up from the ground, detectives, or traitors.
    Suggested weapons for Innos: High fire rate weapons. If you don't kill the traitor, it is quite likely that someone will hear the gunshots and come running. A deagle combines high fire rate with packing a powerful punch, but if you don't find one, some well aimed pistol shots will do the trick.

    Detectives: Discover what is going on, essentially. Scan bodies for dna to lead to traitors, or bad innocents.
    Shop items:
    Radar- pings everyone's current location, unless a decoy is placed (See Traitor Shop Item Decoy). Useful to tell who the last traitor is, and to see who is left.
    Health Station- A suggested MUST BUY. Health stations heal you up from that led that one of the traitors tried to put into you. But beware, everyone can use health stations, including Traitors.
    Defuser- More of a situational item, automatically difuses C4s. Useful in a pinch, but don't be buying these every round.
    Teleporter- Ever wanted to cheat death from that colapsing building or other traitor trap? Now you can! Useful in maps with many traitor traps, this is a great item to feign death. Mouse 2 marks current location, Mouse 1 teleports to that marked location.
    Visualizer- Oh no, the guy next to you just fell over, but you didn't see where the shot came from. The visualizer is very useful in this situation, for if a body is in the location it died in, the visualizer can draw a large blue line between the dead body and where the shot came from. No more will you be in fear of those Traitors camping in their high places that you can't see!
    Ump prototype- A suggested never buy, the prototype ump shoots (electrical bolts?) that disorient the enemy, making their job of killing you quite difficult.
    Suggested weapons for dets: same as innos, keep to high fire rate unless you know what you are doing.

    Traitors: Kill everyone but your fellow T buddies. Try and be quiet.
    Shop Items:
    Body armor- Armor that reduces damage you take from bullets. What more can I say? A suggested item.
    Radar- Wondering where that last inno is, or don't want to get caught when killing someone? This pings the location of everyone every 30 seconds. A suggested late game item for finding the last of the Innocents.
    Disguiser- Oh no, you got called out! Now everyone knows to kill you? But whats this, his body is still unidentified? An excellent situation to use the disguiser! Able to take on the name/appearance of any dead person (but not their chat name or talk name, unfortunately). Be warned, once you fire a bullet, your cover will be blown and you will be reverted to your normal self.
    Awp- An extremely powerful long range gun, make sure no one is near you, so you don't bust their eardrums (its really, really damn loud). A one hit kill on any part of the body, make sure you are zoomed in, or else you won't be able to fire a bullet. Comes loaded with two anti-(tank/elephant/helicopter/battlecruiser) bullets that do not go through the target.
    Knife- Ever wanted to stab people to death in TTT, but always hated the low damage and slowness of a crowbar? Then the knife is for you! Does 50 damage when stabbed, 50 damage when thrown, this weapon is stuck and nonretrievable inside of the fleshy side of that person you just killed.
    Decoy- Oh no, you're the last traitor left, and the detective has a radar and dna on you! Have no fear, the decoy is here! Pings both radar (shows up as another person, i.e. in this situation there would be 2 people on the det's radar instead of 1) and DNA (leads the dna to the decoy), this item is useful if set up in a far off location, giving you maximum time to hunt down that detective.
    Ak47- You wanted high fire rate and high damage, you get high fire rate and high damage! The ak47 does quite a nasty bit of damage, but is louder than that garbage truck that just came through your window. Don't have windows? Just imagine it then, killjoy.
    Tripmine- Ever wanted to blow people up, but don't have time for C4? This kit includes 3 small AOE explosives, that explode when an Innocent/Detective walks through the red laser pointer (i.e. red light) coming from the explosive. Be warned, everyone can see the red light, so try and put them around tight corners so they have as little time to react as possible.
    C4- Who could forget the all powerful C4? Has a very large explosive radius, but beeps louder and louder as the bomb ticks down from up to 10 minutes (minimum 45 seconds). Goes kaboom!
    Jihad- Are those last few innocents all clumped up, and you can't pick them off without them noticing? Bring them an explosive present! The Jihad is a handheld bomb that blows up both the user and those within a decent radius (significantly smaller than C4, but larger than tripmines). Suggested for those last few pesky innos you can't kill otherwise.
    Flare Gun- Want to make sure a body isn't identified? Use this to light those suckers on fire, burning the body and making sure it never gets noticed. also useful for lighting living players on fire.
    Silenced pistol- Ever wanted to have a really large noticeable barrel attached to the end of a high powered pistol? Now you do! Does more damage than a normal pistol, but is extremely noticeable with the silencer at the end, combined with the "silenced" gun noise.
    Suggested weapons for Ts: One shot kills. You want to make sure that the person you are killing does not have any time to call you out and blow your cover, how else are you going to jihad the last 2 innos if they know you are a t and see you a mile away? Sniper Rifles for long range/ bigger maps, shotguns for short range/small maps.
    #1 Solid Slate, Nov 11, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2013
    • Informative Informative x 1

    JEFFREYonPC Truly Active

    Apr 26, 2014
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    nice job it helped explain a ton to me
  3. HeroofWinds1

    HeroofWinds1 "That Canadian"

    Jun 8, 2014
    +57 / 6 / -2
    You might want to update for the neared hand cannon, then it would be perfect!
  4. Eoj Charlie

    Eoj Charlie Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
    Staff Member Owner Universal Staff

    Nov 4, 2013
    +2,252 / 69 / -0
    I expect we'll be updating this with a thorough guide detailing our server and gameplay
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