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    selling and buying tf-2 keys
  2. Bella
    I don't know how to breath.
  3. TF2 RED Metrocop | URF.IM
  4. Ofek
    Ofek Jin&Tonic
    Hey i don't know how to send you a private message but i want to talk about having another option to appeal not really sure why my appeal got denied and i want another chance so would like to hear back from you
    1. Jin&Tonic
      Your appeal wasn't denied, you just haven't attached a Steam account so the posts/threads don't appear until manually approved.
      Aug 7, 2023
    2. Jin&Tonic
      Unless you're talking about an old appeal, in which case I have no idea. I would have to look into it
      Aug 7, 2023
  5. busheyd
    Coming back to harpoon after some inactive eyars
  6. blue balls
    blue balls
    hey pookie :wink:
    Currently attempting to appeal a fraud ban that is a little over four or five years old now- I frauded someone out of two scrap during crab
  8. Arkanist
  9. The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition
    Out here, surprising people
  10. The Spanish Inquisition
  11. butubutu23
  12. butubutu23
  13. MisterSpy
  14. Majutsu
    Hello, world!
  15. Majutsu
    just exploring the world
  16. Gourd MeanMann |HM|
    Gourd MeanMann |HM|
    I am the Gourd. I am the Heavy. I am the Scout. I am the Spy. I am the Pyro. I am the Soldier. I am the Medic. I am the Sniper. I am Gamer.
  17. Hoovie2K
    I love cats more then dogs
  18. Hoovie2K
    not a fan of books
  19. Hoovie2K
  20. TengriKut1923
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