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New Profile Posts

  1. Tom Voke
    Tom Voke
    Chilling, as always.
  2. Ubercharged_Noodles
    I never thought selling a 1:1 unusual would be so hard, tbh... ;w;
  3. Gbriel
    18 years , from spain , trade plaza playaer
  4. Gbriel
    I am so happy to be here
  5. Gbriel
    TF2 player , Main Medic
  6. FerociousFlame
    i guess i have to post something here to set my account up 100%
  7. Forever
    epic, ofc.
  8. mullanliam
    all i'm really here to do is flex on the staff team because peppermint told me I could buy their lives with keys
  9. Puddin'
  10. ★lPootis Haml★
    ★lPootis Haml★
    I like to play Team Fortress 2 since 2015 until 2018-2019 with 4000+ hours
  11. ★lPootis Haml★
    ★lPootis Haml★
    I like playing team fortress 2 since 2015 and Im a kid playing tf2 and now im 12 still playing tf2 with 4000+ hours on tf2 :)
  12. pootaro
    sthap putting negetive reactions pls ;-;
  13. festive noodles
  14. Soapy
    Playing on Harpoon Like always <3
  15. Soapy
    Age: 15
  16. Soapy
    Playing on Harpoon like always <3
  17. festive noodles
  18. festive noodles
    festive noodles
    600+ hours on tf2
  19. festive ramen
  20. Sugoni
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