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Read Me Staff Application Duties

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by The Slow Scout, Oct 11, 2016.

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  1. The Slow Scout

    The Slow Scout Violent Crime Analyst
    Staff Member Deputy Chief of Staff Universal Staff Forum Staff Donator

    Jan 14, 2015
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    Staff Application Duties

    Thank you for considering on applying for staff, we appreciate your interest! Please read everything below, make sure you understand everything and that you are happy with wanting to become staff at Harpoon Gaming. Down below are some guidelines that you must follow when applying for staff here.

    Activity is very important. We expect each and every staff member to put in a great amount of time and effort into Harpoon Gaming. If you think you cannot spend much of your time towards Harpoon (If you have reasons for inactivity, you will let us know and exceptions can be made), this is not the best place to apply for a community admin position.

    You are volunteering to become a staff member at Harpoon Gaming. You are helping out the community by administrating the servers, being active on the forums, hanging around on our mumble server, providing ideas on improving the community, and more. We do not pay any of our staff members at all, no matter what your rank is (Moderator, Full Admin, Head Admin, Chief Of Staff). If you were wanting to become staff so you can get paid, this is not the best place to apply for a community admin position.

    When being a staff member at Harpoon Gaming, you are not above "the law". When being involved in any scamming and/or sharking activity (excluding being the victim or witness and not the accused him or herself) you WILL NOT be given a second chance. You will be fired, banned, and be marked on SteamRep for fraud behavior. This also includes our own server rules, you are here to enforce and stand by them, not break them. If you wanted to become staff at Harpoon Gaming because you wanted to feel like anything bad that you do won't be mattered at all, this is not the best place to apply for a community admin position.

    Becoming a staff member at Harpoon Gaming grants you powers that you have on our servers. These powers are used and only used for administrating purposes. We do not allow members on the staff team to abuse them by:
    • Noclipping for game advantage
    • Using god mode for game advantage
    • Kicking and banning players for unvalid reasons
    • Unbanning players for unvalid reasons
    • Using commands that you were not trained to use
    This does not include everything. If you are usually wanting server permissions and powers for fun, this is not the best place to apply for a community admin position.

    We will immediately decline your staff application for the following:
    1. You have been marked and/or have received a caution tag in the past (On rare occasions, we might ignore this depending on the reason for your appeal, and if your appeal has been granted in the first place).
    2. Your account has been trade banned or is on trade probation by VALVe.
    3. If we know that you were involved in any scamming and/or sharking activity in the past (Excluding being the victim in such activity).
    4. If an alternative account of yours is currently banned from our servers, banned on SteamRep by SR themselves or from any other partner communities, trade banned by VALVe.
    Note: Moderators and Jr. Admins do not handle reports and appeals. Only trained Full Admins and above have the authority to handle them (Only if specifically told that they can handle them).

    Staff Application Stages

    If you believe that your application is ready to be submitted, go ahead and do so! There are different stages when it comes to staff applications after submitting yours to us. Here they are:

    If your application is currently set as Pending, this means that you have just successfully submitted your staff application. When pending, your application is NOT under review by our current staff.

    Under Review
    If your application is currently set as Under Review, this means that our staff are currently reviewing your staff application that you have submitted to us. During this process, you must wait until our staff have come up with a decision for your application. When the decision has been made, we will respond to you in your staff application.

    Awaiting Response
    If your application is currently set as Awaiting Response, this means that we have asked you a question or have asked you to do something for us. Please respond to us on your staff application as we are waiting for a response from you (the applicant).

    Awaiting Training
    If your application is currently set as Awaiting Training, this means that we have come up with a decision to allow you to take part of a staff training. Although you are taking part of the next upcoming staff training, this does not mean you have been accepted as staff. At the time when your application is set as Awaiting Training, we want to see how well you do during it and see if you are ready.

    If your application is currently set as Accepted, this means that we have decided to make you part of the Harpoon Gaming staff. You have demonstrated through your application and training that you are ready to be a moderator/administrator at Harpoon Gaming.

    If your application is currently set as Declined, this means we have decided to decline your application, meaning that you are not ready to become a staff member at Harpoon Gaming. For more information about your staff application being denied, a staff member will have posted why we are not accepting you on your application, please read our response.

    Code of Conducts
    • Do spend time on our Mumble server getting to know the staff and the community in general better.
    • Do use the forums and be active on it, be part of the discussions that we have here.
    • Do read the rules and understand all of them. If you have any questions regarding the rules, you can ask any of our staff members.
    • Do behave on our servers and don't cause any trouble. Having previous problems and bans may reflect poorly on your staff application and personality.
    • Do have a public Steam profile and inventory.
    • Do be honest about any of your concerns or problems that you have regarding Harpoon or even your personal life if you choose to discuss that. We're very accepting and won't degrade anyone.
    Do Not:
    • Do not bother any of the current Harpoon Gaming staff members about your staff application, the more you do so, the more we want to decline it. Doing this will also slow down the process.
    • Do not break any of the server/forum rules that we have. Please follow them.
    • Do not lie about yourself when answering our questions that we have provided for you.
    • Do not plagiarize when creating your application.
    • Do not rush your application please.
    Personal Safety Rules
    • Never reveal information about your personal identity (such as your full name, address, phone number, or school) on the forums unless told to for specific reasons such as staff applications, though we only ask for your age when it comes to personal information most of the time. You are currently on a public online forum where you may not know everyone who might see the information.
    • Never reveal personal information online about someone else without their permission and knowledge.
    • Never reveal your steam username/password to anyone else.
    • Never send a picture of someone else without their permission and knowledge, and know that people you may not know will see your posts. You are to NOT use anyone's picture to disrespect and to use for harmful purposes.
    • Report immediately to a staff member any message or request that you receive that bothers you.
    Unacceptable Sites and Materials
    • Do not share and/or post material from sites that others might find inappropriate or offensive.
    • Harpoon Gaming is a community that welcomes everyone but will not welcome those who do not respect the rights of every individual. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. It is not acceptable to come on the forums and start harassing others. We do not accept bullying of any kind. It is different when it comes to joking but we will take immediate action to non-joking matters.
    • Users of Harpoon Gaming will not knowingly access, upload, store, display, distribute or publish any information that:
      • is illegal or that advocates illegal acts or facilitates unlawful activity;
      • threatens or intimidates any person or suggests violence, hatred or discrimination toward other people;
      • uses inappropriate and/or abusive language or conduct;
      • contains inappropriate religious or political messages;
      • is racially, culturally or religiously offensive;
      • encourages the use of controlled substances, participation in an illegal act or uses the system to incite criminal actions;
      • is of a defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, pornographic or sexually explicit nature;
      • contains personal information , images, or signatures of individuals without their prior informed consent;
      • attempts to hide, disguise or misrepresent the identity of the sender.
    Prohibited Uses and Activities
    • You and only you should be the only user on your account. Do not share with anyone else.
    • Use any other person's account on the system.
    • Attempt to subvert the Harpoon Gaming networks by breaching security measures, hacking accessing records without authorization or any other type of disruption such as ddosing. If found, you will be punished. No appeals.
    • Take content from the forums and servers that have been presented by others and act as if it was yours. When taking content such as ideas from someone else, you must have permission from them. For example, stealing maps from our servers and using them for your own. The use of copyright materials without permission can result in legal action.
    Online Publishing
    • Links from the Harpoon Gaming site to outside sites must be carefully selected. Do not share any private information without permission.
    • Personal information such as personal addresses, phone numbers, individual or group pictures, or signatures cannot be published without permission from everyone that is included.
    • For the safety of our users and staff, you must NOT publish specific dates, times and locations of future trips that users may be taking publicly to everyone. Anyone can come on and read what you have posted.
    • You must NOT advertise our forums and servers on other servers. We do not allow advertisements of such on our own servers. Wearing the HG tag while being on other sites and servers are fine.
    Inappropriate use of online access by users and staff could result in disciplinary action that may include banning and/or being removed from staff. You AGREE and UNDERSTAND the Code of Conduct by reading this and moving on. It is on you if you have caused trouble and haven't read what is needed to be read. Depending on how serious the situation is, we will not offer a chance for you to appeal. You have been warned.
    Harpoon Gaming does not promise that you will be 100% safe at all times. It is very important to limit yourself on what you post on the forums for everyone to see. Please keep in mind when sharing information about yourself including pictures, users that you may not know will see. We will act immediately if we see something that we think should be taken down. We are not responsible of any nature or kind.

    Thank you for reading this. If you still believe that you are ready to be part of Harpoon Gaming staff, go ahead and apply. :)
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