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    Selling TF2 keys via Paypal. Read the rules below please.

    Check my BP for stock . It can vary from 0 to 100+ at any given time

    Current Price = $1.75 USD each

    1. You must have a decent profile. I don't trade with level 0 smurfs.
    2. You will be going first unless you have more Rep then me.
    3. You must have a significant inventory value. I'm not selling to people with nothing in their BP.
    4. You must have a verified Paypal account.
    5. Payment will be sent as a gift to family and friends with you paying any fees if there are any.
    6. You will add a note to the payment with your steam ID64, the amount of keys you're buying and a sentence saying you will not chargeback under any circumstances.
    7. You accept that I will be taking and saving screenshots of all relevant chat logs, inventories and Paypal balances regarding each trade as a response to a possible chargeback scam. Paypal sides with the seller if they can provide information, i've won cases against chargeback scammers before.
    8. Accept that I have the right to refuse to trade with anyone I deem suspicious.
    9. Comment on my profile when you add me please, saying you're adding me for keys and how many.

    My Information

    I'm a Full Admin on Harpoon Gaming :
    My steam level is at least 46.
    I have 61 games on Steam.
    I have over 2,400 hours on Team Fortress 2.
    I have 2,300+ Trades made.
    I have 4,000+ Market Transactions
    I will always have a Purple energy Backbiter's billycock, and a burning Old Guadalajara in my TF2 Inventory.

    Harpoon Gaming Rep Thread : Trust :

    Runescape Cross Trade :

    My Steam Rep Block:

    | steamname: Party Lux ⇋HG-A⇌
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:44068467
    | steamID64:
    | customURL:
    | steamrep:
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