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Information Harpoon Gaming Highlander 2016

Discussion in 'Previous Announcements' started by Eoj Charlie, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Eoj Charlie

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    Hello All,

    Harpoon Gaming was proud to host such an awesome event this year, allowing both staff and regulars to have a little competitive fun. The match was close with the Regulars taking an early lead on cp_process, but ultimately losing both pl_barnblitz and koth_product allowing for the staff to win overall. We'd like to thank everyone for their participation and assistance.

    A special thank you to Hyper for leading the organization and planning of the event. Thanks also to Perp, ReDRagon, and Spirit for joining me in casting the game. The Harpoon Gaming Highlander would not have been possible without all of them.

    All participants in the HG HL July 2016 received a Crofts Crest renamed to Harpoon Gaming Highlander #2 Participant. With the winning team, the Staff, receiving strange stock primary weapons of the class they played renamed to Harpoon Gaming Highlander #2 Winner.

    Both The Slow Scout and Thu, the Captains of the respective teams, also received prizes. The aptly named "Team Captain" hat was awarded to both. With Slow, the Staff Captain, receiving a "Team Captain" renamed to "Captain of the DCs" and Thu, the Regulars Captain, receiving a "Team Captain" renamed to "Captain of the Salty" Our congratulations and thanks go to both of them. Thanks also go to Sparky who took over leading the Staff team for the last two matches, re received a Patriot's Peak named "Captain Stand In, Drop Out".

    Once again, thank you and we hope to see you on the servers and forums!

    If you missed the event and want to see the video, please check out this page: https://forum.harpoongaming.com/highlander/
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