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Pending [All-Trade 3 Server Ban Appeal]: 76561198201645150 (cherry.)

Discussion in 'Server Appeals' started by DatEngie crafthat2unusual, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. DatEngie crafthat2unusual

    DatEngie crafthat2unusual Scarcely Active

    Sep 17, 2016
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    Your Steam Name

    Your SteamID 64

    All-Trade 3

    Why were you banned?
    I was banned for racism. It was only minor racism,

    An admin had banned me because I said the n word right before a server restart.

    Someone had told the admin about what I said, and I was banned indefinitely. I do really regret what I did, as I haven't been able to get onto the server for a few years now.

    Why should Harpoon grant your appeal?
    I have apologised for my mistake. I just thought it as a harmless joke that no-one would notice. I really like this server as it is the server I would always talk to people everyday on. The community is really nice, and I sort of miss it as a whole. I'd really appreciate if I was unbanned and able to re-join the community.

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