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Accepted [All-Trade 3 Ban Appeal]: 76561198322112576 (used to be a yellow bear)

Discussion in 'Server Appeals Archive' started by used to be a yellow bear, May 12, 2018.

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  1. used to be a yellow bear

    used to be a yellow bear Scarcely Active

    May 12, 2018
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    Your Steam Name
    used to be a yellow bear

    Your SteamID 64

    All-Trade 3

    Why were you banned?
    I was banned for

    [Auto]Detected Namehacking #2
    because i was changing my name alot for a joke between me , lar and a few other people on the server. First i changed my name to "despacito the trilogy" because there was 2 people called despacito already , then i changed my name to L.A.R for a joke but i got the name wrong. Then i changed it to I L.A.R I and eventually i got bored , changed my name back and was banned. (Also i changed my name to CrashTheSystem and Spynosaur the day before because there was 5 people with the name crashthesystem on the server)

    Why should Harpoon grant your appeal?
    Because i dont think it was fair that i was banned for changing my name a few times, for a joke. I don't think the console should ban you for changing your name a few times to people on the server. Also , i really enjoy playing on harpoon and play everyday and it sucks to be banned after a good 2 months / more of playing everyday for a joke. I wont change my name again to anybody on harpoon and if i get unbanned i think i will have learned my lesson.

  2. Diggin

    Diggin Somewhat Active
    Staff Member Server Mod All-Trade Staff

    Oct 15, 2017
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    +1, they didnt mean any harm by name changing. they didnt try impersonating anyone or act like them. it was a joke and i was there so ye, dude didnt deserve it
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  3. jacobhd404040

    jacobhd404040 Forum-Clearing
    Staff Member Deputy Chief of Staff Universal Staff

    Mar 23, 2015
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