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A Basic Guide in Trading

Discussion in 'Guides' started by [happy.], Oct 20, 2017.

  1. [happy.]

    [happy.] Scarcely Active

    Oct 20, 2017
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    Hello Everyone! This guide will teach a basic guide on how to trade on harpoon.tf trading servers if you are starting to trade! This will include spycrabbing, advertising, some of the rules of trading, and prices!

    In general, trading works like this: Someone advertises what he's selling (sometimes with its price which we will get to later), if someone is interested in what he is selling, he would trade him, either going from:
    Items --> Trading --> Current Server --> Players Name.
    Or type in chat !trade <playername> then press escape and check that it is the same player, then click [Yes! Send a trade now] (This is a plugin so it won't work on all servers).
    Most people overpay what their selling, so make sure that they arent trying to scam you, and people who are buying try to buy with the price lower than it (sometimes reffered as "lowballing")

    Spycrabbing is where 2 players who are spies taunt with the disguise kit until one of them taunts the rare taunt where the spy appears to be cosplaying a crab (depending on how many times you need to taunt this and if you lose or win if you do this). To do this game, someone MUST AGREE to playing this (randomly trading or spycrabbing is not allowed), then you type in chat <!cspycrab> and a menu should pop up *REMEMBER TO BE A SPY AS YOU ARE DOING THIS* you choose the conditions which starts off as how much you are wagering, how much spycrabs (1,3,5) and if the person who spycrabbed the amount first wins or loses.
    If the player attempts to leave without paying, and you have valid evidence, send it to the staffs and you can get him reported on steamrep, and other trading sites etc., so to stay on the safe side, always take screenshots.

    This will be talking about the prices of refined, scrap, and reclaimed. Here's how it works:

    • 1 Reclaimed: 0.33 refined (will be reffered as ref from now)
    • 2 Reclaimed: 0.66 ref
    • 3 Reclaimed: 1 ref
    • 1 scrap: 0.11 ref
    • 2 scrap: 0.22 ref
    • 3 scrap: 0.33 ref
    • 4 scrap: 0.44 ref
    • 5 scrap: 0.55 ref
    • 6 scrap: 0.66 ref
    And so on until it reaches 9 scrap which is 1 refined.
    Note: Refined is the most known price but there are also keys which changes price but as of making this it is 34 refined, so if someone says for example <Selling a unusual Yer Ol' Baker Boy Miami Nights for 50 keys 25.44 ref, know that 25.44 ref means 25 refined and 1 reclaimed and 1 scrap (or 25 ref and 4 scrap)
    There are also earbuds but no one uses these anymore as they have decreased in price so you don't need to know them.

    So that should have went over the general stuff about trading, if you haven't understood something ask me or someone else, remember to read the rules, be friendly, have negotiatable prices, and happy trading!
    #1 [happy.], Oct 20, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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