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Gmod 15.03.09

Discussion in 'Game Updates' started by Automated RSS Feed, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Automated RSS Feed

    Automated RSS Feed Word-Spattered

    Nov 6, 2013
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    A major update has been released. You will need to restart your servers for players with the new version of the game to join.

    Featured changes include stability improvements and various exploit fixes, along with a few handy additions for developers. Here are some of the highlights:

    Improved text rendering on OSX

    The OSX version of the font system has been heavily reworked for more consistency and better readability. No more tiny text in the console!

    Improved networked variables

    The previously obsolete NWVars have been remade from scratch and now provide the same features and speed benefits as NetworkVars (formerly known as DTVars). Unlike NetworkVars, NWVars require no prior initialization and are identified by a name rather than a numerical index, making them suitable for every type of entity while minimizing conflicts with other addons.

    As a result, the maximum number of NetworkVars per entity has been reduced from 64 to 32 to reduce server load.

    Individual texture replacements

    Every texture in a model can now be replaced separately using the newly added function Entity:SetSubMaterial, allowing for a near infinite number of wacky combinations.


    Workshop publishing tools for Linux and Mac

    The tools used to distribute addons for Workshop distribution (gmad and gmpublish) are now available in the Linux and Mac versions of the game. You can learn more about these tools in the wiki.

    Full Changelog

    Game Changes

    • FIX Fixed physgun constantly trying to drop and grab a prop its owner is currently standing on
    • FIX Fixed ammo box not working on the HL2 jeep
    • FIX Fixed HL1 prop_breakable gibs not spawning
    • FIX Fixed incorrect model for HL1 barnacles
    • FIX Fixed HL1 grunts not dropping the right items when killed
    • FIX Fixed HL1 sentences not being loaded
    • FIX Fixed MsgC ignoring first argument if it’s not a color
    • FIX Fixed bone merging causing the local player to be rendered twice
    • FIX Fixed crash with CNavArea:GetClosestPointOnArea
    • FIX Fixed an exploit related to running console commands through the chat
    • FIX Fixed crash issues with Player:Kick and Player:Ban
    • FIX Fixed slight rendering artefacts when drawing rounded boxes at low alpha
    • FIX Fixed scripted weapons not working correctly with the baseclass system
    • FIX Fixed scenes not always being properly loaded from VCD files
    • FIX Fixed secondary ammo indicator not showing up on the default HUD
    • FIX Fixed HUD pickup notifications occasionally causing errors before the local player becomes valid
    • FIX Fixed func_tank not turning and not firing tracers in multiplayer
    • FIX Fixed clients attempting to fire their active weapon while holding a prop or controlling a turret
    • FIX Fixed CLuaParticle:SetNextThink not working as intended
    • FIX Fixed DTVars transmitting way more data than needed when updated
    • FIX Fixed dynamic AI node links causing some HL2 maps to crash after a cleanup
    • FIX Fixed gmad and gmpublish not being shipped for OS X and Linux
    • FIX Fixed AvatarImage panels rendering 184×184 avatars incorrectly
    • FIX Fixed file.Find returning non Lua files in the directories table when used with the LUA path
    • FIX Fixed Entity:SetCustomCollisionCheck and Entity:SetShouldServerRagdoll not being able to reset their values
    • FIX Fixed NPC kill achievements not working
    • FIX Fixed broken eye flexes and NPC blinking
    • FIX Fixed sounds not playing at all when close captioning is enabled
    • FIX Fixed lag compensation causing players to drift away from the vehicle they are driving
    • FIX Fixed Player:KillSilent not forcing players to exit vehicles, making them stuck dead
    • FIX Fixed util.IsValidModel false-positives, large smokestacks from HL2 can now be spawned
    • FIX Fixed materials/gm_construct/grass-sand.vmt $surfaceprop2
    • FIX Fixed some addons not being able to be extracted.
    • FIX Fixed a save file issue with CSoundPatch
    • FIX Fixed another exploit related to downloading restricted files from the server
    • FIX Fixed plugin_load not loading plugins if no file extension is given
    • FIX Fixed not being able to change the render cull mode on entities bonemerged to viewmodels
    • FIX Fixed a problem with SWEP.ViewModelFlip and player model hands
    • FIX Fixed net.ReadUInt not using unsigned integers
    • FIX Fixed Hammer crashing on start up
    • FIX Fixed gamemodes not loading properly from legacy addons
    • FIX Fixed SetupWorldFog & SetupSkyboxFog not being called if the fog was not enabled beforehand by console commands or the map
    • FIX Fixed IsOnFire flag not resetting
    • FIX Fixed FOV being stuck on some HL2 maps
    • FIX Fixed Combine Autogun on ep2_outland_09 not dealing damage
    • FIX Fixed physgun beam not being removed on drop
    • FIX Fixed server workshop addons redownloading even if user is already subscribed to that addon
    • FIX Fixed GM:StartChat return value leaving chat visible on super widescreen resolutions
    • FIX Fixed a crash issue with Entity:SetBodygroup and Player:ExitVehicle
    • FIX Fixed Entity:AddCallback( “PhysicsCollide”, … ) for vehicles not being triggered without a driver
    • FIX Fixed a Lua state corruption issue which caused some functions to randomly disappear
    • FIX Fixed Entity:GetHitBoxCount crashing the game when called with an invalid value
    • UPD Improved text rendering on OSX
    • UPD Moved CSS muzzle flashes to Lua
    • UPD gui.OpenURL now accepts HTTPS addresses
    • UPD Restored preset saving
    • UPD Renamed Zeno Clash to Zeno Clash (Model Pack) in the mountable game list
    • UPD Renamed Insurgency to “Insurgency ( Source Mod )” in mountable games list
    • UPD PhysicsCollide entity callback is now shared
    • UPD EntityEmitSound hook now has a slightly more consistent behaviour
    • UPD CNavArea:IsOverlapping‘s tolerancy argument is now optional, defaults to 0
    • UPD CNavArea:IsVisible now returns a second value which contains the first point in the area that passed the visibility test
    • UPD CSoundPatch:ChangePitch‘s and ChangeVolume‘s delay argument are now optional (default to 0)
    • UPD Player:Ban‘s second argument is now a boolean, set it to true to automatically kick the player
    • UPD HTTP() now supports “head”, “put” and “delete” as methods
    • UPD CLuaEmitter:Add now also accepts an IMaterial as its first argument
    • UPD Updated CS:S world and C_ view models
    • UPD Disabled autoplay sequences on ragdoll entities
    • UPD Improved exploit prevention on incrementvar and multvar
    • UPD Updated default Derma skin ( Changed DComboBox hover arrow )
    • UPD Updated most valve game icons in spawnmenu to reflect the actual icons
    • UPD Returning false in the callback passed to serverlist.Query will now cancel the query
    • UPD Mesh() now accepts a material as its first argument, should be the material the mesh is intended to be rendered with
    • UPD Adjusted addon file extension whitelist
    • UPD file.Delete can now delete empty directories
    • UPD Updated launcher(hl2.exe) icon
    • UPD Reduced maximum DTVar count to 32
    • UPD NWVars have been greatly improved and are now a viable alternative to DTVars
    • UPD Updated most default spawnicons
    • UPD Moved garrysmod.fgd to GarrysMod/bin
    • UPD hlfaceposer.exe now runs properly
    • UPD Restored Closed Captions
    • UPD Users now automatically unsubscribe from Demos, Saves & Dupes
    • UPD Improved serverside performance of Player.UniqueID
    • UPD Player.UniqueID now returns 1 in singleplayer on client too
    • UPD Improved performance of server workshop addons when extracting the addon
    • UPD Prevented people from putting fake servers to server list
    • UPD Blocked more console commands/variables to prevent servers from running potentially harmful commands on clients
    • UPD Changed VERSIONSTR global to YYYY.MM.DD to avoid confusion
    • NEW Added PhysObject member to PhysicsCollide collision info table
    • NEW Added EFFECT:physicsCollide hook to scripted effects
    • NEW Added SND_* sound flag enums
    • NEW Added Entity:IsSolid()
    • NEW Added smoothed rendering to AvatarImage
    • NEW Added Entity:UseTriggerBounds(enable, bloat=0)
    • NEW Added missing CS:GO icon
    • NEW Added a bunch of requested headers to HTTP request results
    • NEW Added some missing MAT_ enums ( MAT_GRASS, MAT_SNOW, MAT_DEFAULT )
    • NEW Added chat.GetChatBoxSize
    • NEW Added Entity:SetSubMaterial(index, name)
    • NEW Added Entity:GetSubMaterial(index)
    • NEW Added render.MaterialOverrideByIndex(index, material)
    • NEW Added a HudDefault font for HL2 HUD elements
    • NEW Added GM:EntityNetworkedVarChanged(ent, name, oldValue, newValue)
    • NEW Added render.SetLocalModelLights(lights)
    • NEW Added Entity:SetNWVarProxy(name, func) and Entity:GetNWVarProxy(name)
    • NEW Added MATERIAL_LIGHT_ enums
    • NEW Added map & model compiling tools
    • NEW Added Blade Symphony to the mountable game list
    • NEW Added English closed captions for HL2, EP1, EP2 and Portal
    • DEL Removed CLuaParticle:VelocityDecay
    • DEL Removed FCVAR_CHEAT flag from cl_drawhud
    • DEL Removed addons.txt and gamemodes.txt as they were not used
    • DEL Removed lua\includes\util\entity_creation_helpers.lua
    • DEL Removed lua\functiondump.lua
    • DEL Removed InjectConsoleCommand & InjectCommandAutocomplete
    • DEL Removed Entity.GetNetworkedVar & Entity.SetNetworkedVar
    • DEL Removed GetGlobalVar & SetGlobalVar

    • NEW Added simple drag’n’drop support
    • NEW Added proper help message
    • UPD The “out” path is now automatically calculated for both “extract” and “create” actions, if not overridden manually
    • UPD Updated whitelist
    • DEL Removed triple output of addon files so now it only does so once

    • NEW Added ability to update icon of an addon
    • NEW Added additional “remove file” calls to make sure (hopefully) nothing ends up stuck in the Cloud on fail
    • UPD Updated help message
    Lua changes


    Community Contributions

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  2. TheSmile

    TheSmile Paint me like one of your French girls

    Jun 6, 2014
    +309 / 44
    I didn't see, nor did i read all of it, if this update fixed its shitty hitboxes.
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