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New Profile Posts

  1. Shrek
  2. Nova
    Nova Eoj Charlie
    Where did you get the name 'Eoj Charlie'?
  3. jacobhd404040
    Wanting to use this more. Last updated in July 2016
  4. tea
    It's ya boi tea
  5. Nova
    Do you know what time it is?
  6. tea
    tea Just Navlis
    How'd you display your stats? I want it to say how good I am every time I post >:3
  7. oww mooo
    oww mooo
    just wanna thank awoo for helping me with an issue I had!
  8. Memme
    I'm just here for lifetime donator.
  9. Nursik
    Nursik Nimajin
    Hi. Sorry, I didn't see that you responded to my report. Yeah, I was asking if the scammer admits it, but he blocked me and didn't respond. I have proof of getting blocked.
  10. Crisps
    I am 13 years old from Norway. i am somewhat of a dick btw.
  11. Crisps
  12. isa
  13. isa
    hello? i am isa i want to get unbanned and remove SCAMMER from my steamrep i did not scam anybody already talked to eoj charlie on discord
  14. moon
  15. Abertura
    I got permanently banned without warning for using a map exploit. This is understandable, but a permanent ban? Without warning? Rubbish.
  16. Abertura
    Some Things Just Come Without Warning I Guess...
  17. Abertura
    Well, I'm banned for some reason
  18. CalvinKalimari
  19. Paragon7667
    currently trying to find the meaning of life
  20. Paragon7667
    I like stuff
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