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  1. Anub
    Anub Jin&Tonic
    That was a very irresponsible way to deal with someone who is reasonably frustrated and makes a snide remark. It's clear that you're facing other issues that you're unfairly applying to me, which is unfortunate, but I understand and genuinely wish you the best. God bless and good luck with your server.
    1. Jin&Tonic
      My responsibility is to the community, you've shown that you will be a rude individual if part of it. Full or empty server, individuals who are just going to cause problems are not worth having. You were banned for a week for rude behavior. By the time you posted, the ban expired. Sure, it should have been closed prior. Your comment, the bans you've received, and the report on SR, paint a picture.
      May 17, 2022 at 9:15 PM
    2. Anub
      the sooner you learn to accept and deal with your flaws in a healthy manner, the better off you'll be. Making it about others is not a healthy way to deal with things. At this point I'm unfortunately contributing the problem, but since you didn't seem to get it, I feel it needed to be said. Once again, I wish you the best, God bless.
      May 17, 2022 at 10:34 PM
  2. L.A.R
    What's up guys! It's Quandale Dingle here! ( I have been arrested for multiple crimes including: Battery on a police officer (WHAT),
  3. L.A.R
  4. TheSpaceHelmetGuy
    TheSpaceHelmetGuy Jin&Tonic
    Hi, I registered for another account named "Majutsu", but never received the verification email. Could you please do me a favor and verify the account (or send the confirmation to me?) Thank you.
  5. Vintage Collector
    Vintage Collector
    I give Trees to Grow Pizza and make's sky go boom boom
  6. Vintage Collector
    Vintage Collector
    Hello I'm Kim Jong Un. #MooMoo
  7. Gucci King
    Gucci King
    trying to get unbanned
  8. curtis
  9. curtis
  10. Rutfz
  11. Rutfz
  12. Cyan
    tf2 is kool
  13. Cyan
  14. pivotman319 | #TF2Center
  15. Jake5000
    I also like other cartoon series like regular show, gravity falls and doraemon
  16. Jake5000
    Videogame player, i like adventure time and clarence
  17. ❤UnclePancake❤
  18. Cloud
    Oh Boi! Here we go!
  19. Pixxi0us | LFT 6´S Mid
    Pixxi0us | LFT 6´S Mid
    Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, you change your life.
  20. Arkanist
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    2. SemperMiko
      Oct 24, 2021
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